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I am a very happy person. For seven years now, I have had the honour of working as a Teaching Fellow at the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Freiburg. There, I teach Robot Design and Computational Modeling, and never have I had a day where I was not looking forward to the next session.

The only downside is that they do not have any open professor positions. An offer of such a job would be the only incentive for me deciding to leave this almost optimal occupation!



Renewable, eco-friendly materials:

3D printing and bio-plastic recycling.


University of Wuppertal

Dr. phil. in Aesthetics Theory.

Avantgarde Anthropology:

How video games can change how we see humans.

Mathematics and Art:

The reunification of two old friends.

Cybernetic Ethics:

Ideology-free good behaviour.


AKAD Hochschule Stuttgart

Degree of Magister Artium (M.A.) in Business Administration.


Universität Stuttgart

Cybernetic Engineering degree (Dipl.-Ing.)

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